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Golf Rounds in Kanchanaburi Golf Country Club in Kanchanaburi

Hole 18





hole 18
Par 5
Black 548
Yallow 519
Blue 492
White 455
Red 443
This hole sets up for a lot of different strategies. Avoiding the left fairway bunker is the key off the tee. The golfer must then decide whether to play shot of the cross bunker, shot of the green, leaving an uphill wedge shot into the green, or to try and get over the cross bunkers to reach the green in two shots. Bunkers speckle both sides of the fairway at the second landing area, so accuracy is critical no matter which way the golfer chooses to play the hole. Once the golfer reaches the green, it should prove to be an interesting putt because there is a lot of movement in this double green shared with # 9. Not only will this be a fun and interesting hole to play, but it should also be a great hole to view play when there are tournaments being played on it. This hole offers many very good spectator views.
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